Hans Krenn 'Marillenschnaps' 2006 reserve, 50%

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Hans Krenn 'Marillenschnaps' 2006 reserve, 50%

Postby numen » Fri Sep 27, 2013 11:09 pm

gift sample from a friend

Nose: Antiseptic and medicinal - in a good way - with the usual rich, eau-de-vie nutty richness. Buttery stones from fruit. Very powerful and fruity, concentrated. Cherries, soft and sweet, prunes, marzipan, honey, and even some vanilla. Blueberries and soft, sweet blackberries. You get the idea. With some time, you get some intoxicatingly fun apricot and peach. Funny that.

Palate: Light and noticeably bitter at first, but then the fruits - the same things, with more of the apricot/peach - are like an unsweet syrup. Bitter almonds and butter. Candied fruit rind and zest.

Finish: More of the same. Really fun, and I like it a lot. Perhaps unsurprisingly this is direct, but it's just fun and extremely well made. It's fruit and flirts at jammy at times. Lots of different fruit, and the apricot really shines through. A fun digestif. Or apertif. Or with a meal. Or dessert. Or... you get the point. B+/A-, but don't take too seriously. I wouldn't mind a bottle or three of this.

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