Navazos-Palazzi Single Oloroso Cask, Brandy de Jerez 44.2 %

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Navazos-Palazzi Single Oloroso Cask, Brandy de Jerez 44.2 %

Postby numen » Fri Jan 25, 2013 10:16 pm

This is another offering by Nicolas Palazzi (of the 58 year, single barrel cognac fame). It's a bit young (6.5 years). The brandy was aged in barrels from Equipo Navazos, considered one of the best producers of Sherry, and very expensive at that. These are sold as half-bottles, and are relatively expensive for Brandy de Jerez, especially of this age (around $75 per 375ml bottle). Still, it's another interesting idea, and a shot at cask strength, high quality components, and a transparent process, how could I say no?

Nose: Has an element of the usual syrupy Spanish brandy profile, though it has an intense salty and nutty quality. It's very much a highly oxidized sherry character. Maybe almost a little metallic at points (a la an old copper penny). Satisfying, not overwhelming. Grapey in the background, but not aggressively forward.

Palate: Very easy, like a light, silky syrup. Wood and nuts, still some salt. More coffee here, leather, cloves, and top-notch oxidized Sherry (Macallan *wishes* that it could have this profile). Definite grapiness; I like it. It's much drier than the (few) other Spanish brandies I've had, but it works in a curious way.

Finish: More of the same, very satisfying, if not strange at turns. The nose was a bit 'off' from the metallic/salty side, but it was a good kind of off. I couldn't help but keep going back for more and more sniffs to try to figure it out. B/B+

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