Gran Duque Brandy de Jerez (40%)

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Gran Duque Brandy de Jerez (40%)

Postby numen » Sat Mar 16, 2013 6:22 pm

Getting back into the tasting mode. I've been intrigued by Spanish brandies lately. They're not the most complex, but they're rather syrupy and satisfying. I saw a few reviews of various Gran Duque expressions and thought that it'd be worth giving a try. I had a few pours of it, and thought that it was about time to write down some notes.

Nose: Sweet and fragrant syrup. Orange, oxidized grape, and port wine. Subtle amounts of chocolate and burnt caramel. Pecan pie filling, syrup, and low floral notes. Rich and almost on coffee. Solid stuff.

Palate: Rich and syrupy. More on honey and real sweetness (almost saccharine, but not over the top). Toasted sugar, rhum agricole, and light (light!) sherry. Drop of orange extract. Sort of a muddled mess here. Not bad by any stretch, but not entirely distinct of strong. Easy and enjoyable.

Finish: After a brief transition from the nearly rhum agricole sweetness and profile, the chocolate, coffee, and wood come out to play and round it out nicely. Some grape and caramel pecan pie filling, but the end is dark, and I like it. It shows a lot of promise and I'd like to see how this ages with some of the other expressions from the label. I liked this less than the Cardenal Mendoza and Lepantos. but I came away seeing how this stock could really be better with age than the other expressions would do with more age. As this expression stands, it's a B on the verge of a B+.

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