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Remy Martin VSOP

Posted: Mon Jun 27, 2011 6:54 am
by louisxiii

What do you guys think about the Remy VSOP, its one of my favourite Cognacs. The spicy taste is because of the use of Grande Champagne, the best region in the Cognac area.

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Re: Remy Martin VSOP

Posted: Sat Nov 17, 2012 1:14 am
by numen
I gave this a go before trying the VSOP Mature Cask-

Nose: Very tropical, the profile reminds me of the Germain-Robin Muscat(!), which is a pleasant development. Apricot, mango, day-old pineapple (the acidity has worn off). It's a bit spirity and soft. There's some trace of wood, and vanilla and poppy-seed cookies. There's a slightly plastic aroma, too.

Palate: Soft, light-medium body. Fruity and sweet. Totally muted in terms of flavors promised by the nose. Sugary and water and artificial. There's a slight and bland watery-wood note. Really devoid here, and no sense of fruit for the most part.

Finish: Only a little fruit here, and almost completely silent. More subtle than the nose, and rather disappointing. C-/D+

I recognize that this is designed and used mainly as a mixer, but I'd have expected more on the palate, at least, to stand up to whatever would go with it. I was intrigued by the nose; it wasn't as good or complete as the G-R Muscat, but, by golly, it was at least similar. The palate, artificial sweetener, and watery nature made this unobtrusive, but also rather unpleasant for me.

Re: Remy Martin VSOP

Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2012 10:51 am
by BSinTX
Funny that you mention this. I tried it last year and to this day I can still remember how bad it was. Fortunately, I only bought the 200ml bottle so there was no hesitation with dumping the rest of the contents down the drain. Not that I want to come down too hard on RM as I don't care for most VSOP's, the low price is certainly indicative of the quality of the product.

Re: Remy Martin VSOP

Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2012 3:58 pm
by numen
I agree with you wholeheartedly. I generally don't care for VSOPs; you get the basic water problem in it. Distillate is too young, and then when it's brought down to 40%, it's too limpid, and doesn't go as well with the flavors. Factor in the big house blend consistency with sugar/caramel/boise, and it creates a very artificial profile. Bouju's VSOP and Napoleon blends are better, but they're still lacking some of the flavor and depth (the Royal shows just how much a difference the water and filtration make - it's the same age as the Napoleon, if I recall). I have no idea what happened from the bar sample I had a year ago to the various samples I got the other day. This will definitely keep me away from RM for a few more years. I thought that I'd be less put off by RM and would then give Hennessy, Martell, and Courvoisier a try again, but I'm rather hesitant to do so now. I just want samples/minis because I won't even commit to 200ml bottles - too many bad memories of the stuff.

Looks like I may be back to the smaller producer Cognacs again. And Armagnac. Hard to go wrong with that stuff.

Re: Remy Martin VSOP

Posted: Fri Jul 19, 2013 3:34 am
by BSinTX
Just a heads up for Cognac lovers, the Remy Martin VSOP that is sold in the USA is NOT the same Remy Martin VSOP that is sold in Montreal. I just had a glass after an awesome dinner and aside from the overuse of artificial colorant, this stuff was much better....probably about 2 more years in the barrel better. I may consider a bottle at the Duty Free on my way out tomorrow as it was not a bad after dinner digestive.